Friday, February 22, 2008

Flat Light

A gale has been blowing over Dublin recently.
Trees flap against the window panes as I write.
The light is filtered through a dull, pale grey cloudcover.
A true Celtic climate.

I have little desire to document it with my camera.
Last Spring I ventured out into veritable hurricanes
in search of images.
One photo of a tree in full frenzied activity was not
a WOW on my chat room. I'll post it later, just to
see what YOU think.

Time to take out the diopter 4+ filter again, perhaps.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Sharing, Caring and Baring All Your Botanical Photos...

for the World to see.

The last post was an excuse to link to a Great Group
in Flickr where some of the most astonishing floral photos
on the net may be viewed.

I seem to have fallen into photographing flowers as a
duck falls into water.
Lame metaphor, perhaps, but since joining forces with
Flickr my work has begun to glow.

This may be thanks to the RAW digital manipulation prowess
in the Canon software programs, but the inspiration a
group endeavour offers is essential.

Amateur photography looks like becoming a major
World industry. It is also FUN...
Thank you for sharing your wonderful (flora and fauna) photo with us !

(Flora and Fauna) of the World
We hope you have joined us and
we hope to see many more!!!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Irish Blog Awards 2008

Irish Blog Awards » 2008 Irish Blog Award Sponsors: "BB Gardens have sponsored Best Designed Blog. BB Gardens is run by Bobby Buckley. BB Gardens will supply planting schemes, design and arrange borders, design and plant woodlands. BB Gardens are environmentally aware and their philosophy is: Gardening not for the moment but for the whole year."


Size Matters


One of the advantages of using Flickr to upload photos
is the option offered to present work in different sizes.
The original of this photo of Echium leaves is quite large.
A small version is offered here.