Sunday, September 16, 2007

Black and White Film

Sometimes taking a photo with
Black and White Film
makes an impact.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

La Rentrée

The Academic Year,
imprinted on my brain from childhood,
ensures that every September I set about
setting my little World to rights.

A shopping trip is planned for next week.
I never took Commando's advice to buy a
lens hood for my camera, but now may be the moment.

A slow-release cable, an object of great mystery,
has been in my camera bag for over year.
This may be the moment to dare to take it out.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Colour can sometimes be an obtacle
to seeing shapes in a photo.

Irfanview was used to desaturate this image.

Why Noon

I hate getting up early.
Nothing would get me to join the
dawn patrol of energetic photographers
who wander round in the wild,
getting the best sunrises and
misty landscapes.

The strong light of High Noon
is proabably where I will
continue to shine.

The Lens

The Pentax FA J75-300 Lens is
a good choice in my case.

I got it to see flowers growing
high up in trees, but found that
it is very good for close-ups of
floral species as well.

Since I am short-sighted,
it is very useful for landscape

Monday, September 10, 2007

The Camera... and some Filter Tricks

My camera is a Pentax MZ 50.
I use film and with this 35mm
SLR clear, uncomplicated photos
are easy to set up and take.

I admit to feeling that the
hyper realism that digital technology
has brought was a bit of a shock at first.
However, adopting the attitude that,
if you can't bear 'em, join 'em,
I have spent a considerable amount
of time trying to get to grips with
some reliable freeware Photo Editors.
It was recommended that I try Photoshop,
but since I believe in speed and work as
an amateur in between bouts of gardening
and domestic activities,
Irfanview has become a fast favourtite.

The photo here was doctored and warmified
in Picasa. This Editing Program is
invaluable for quick cropping.