Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Portraiture Again

I have decided to just label my street photos of people as "Portraiture".
This somehow takes the sting out of wondering about all the legislation now ruling the taking of photos in public places. Another blast of information has been posted in the Photography Forum in Boards.ie, decrying the death of candid urban photography.

I think I'll just make a simple Rogue's Gallery of the most pleasant moments shared while travelling.
No point in getting in a wax...

A Pensive Moment in Venice

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Photo Editors

There is so much to learn.

For some time I have been getting good use from Harry's Filters in Irfanview. The burn tool can be very strong, so it is worth looking into the Darken feature, using BW Limiter Pro. It enhances textures in bark and stone.

The dramatic toning in this Sunflower was made with the Canon software that came with my Digital Rebel. Learning to use levels and to gently tweak the colour lines in a photo can help pastiche makers a lot.