Friday, January 18, 2008

A Poor Workman Blaims His Tools

The visual world has taken so much attention recently, that blogging continues to be down a long list of priorities. Then there is always the consideration that one should only blog when there is something useful (and/or beautiful) to say.

Thanks to an interesting question in the comments box today, it's worth noting that
the software which came with the new Canon digital camera is of quite a high standard.
It certainly suits my amateur needs, but in fact I've just learned that it is also
meant for professional use. The tonal curves feature has kept me entertained for
weeks while wind and rain do battle out of doors.

I do not rush into a long analysis of the new camera, purely because much energy
is spent hitting buttons and marvelling that such a machine exists. It has made me
remember the amazement I experienced when presented with a simple Kodak Brownie about
a hundred years ago and came to realize that the World was full of mystery and intrigue.

It's not worth rushing to join the chorus of nay sayers who find the kit lens which
ships with this camera a bit "soft". As one who has been driven out of television shops by the clarity and sharpness of insect life as represented by macro enthusiasts who insist that every detail must be recorded, this is acutally a positive value in my case. Even the hypnotic closups I've produced of flower stigmas and stamens are vague enough to be artistic rather than totally scientific. Somehow I don't want my work to look like lab specimens... or at least, not yet.

Everybody who is associated with the EOS 400D can rest easy in their beds in the knowledge that there is a very contented photographer who will be singing its praises for some time to come. No wonder it has become one of the top cameras on Flickr in the past month.

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DaviMack said...

It's useful - thanks!

I'm looking forward to having mine delivered sometime in the next month or so - and to having my pictures finally be of some decent quality (after I thoroughly read the manual, of course).