Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Light Travels in Straight Lines...

and nowhere am I reminded of this so often as when I try
to take Night Shots.

A new lens will be needed in future, as the photos I took
at the Irish Blog Awards 2008, while varied and full of life,
could do with a bit more skill in the use of flash.

The ceiling was a mass of little spotlights which caused a sort
of metering off meltdown as I tried to play light off against dark.

Finally I resorted to playing around in the RAW controls
in my Canon software.

This I like:

Let the Dancing Begin, Different Crop

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DaviMack said...

It's not just metering: it's also what the camera does with that raw image that matters. Is your contrast titched up? Are you taking pictures with the colour balance how the silly hardware thinks it should be, or are you taking the raw image and tweaking it?

I know - it's hard to want to revisit each picture after the fact to see if the silly hardware got it right ... but, well, that's the fact of the matter, isn't it?