Thursday, September 25, 2008

Watery World

The BBC has taken to watery metaphors literally like the proverbial duck.
Every morning I turn off some new thought for the day that involves floods
of biblical proportions or reminders that the waters are so high we
cannot cross o'er.

It's possible to have too much of a good thing,
so I've concentrated on photographing water in its
place... fountains, waterfalls, the sea on a nice, calm day.

However I've also returned quite often to Kyle Tunney's
wonderful photos of the 49th Liffey Descent.
The canoists must have been thrilled with this Summer
and opportunities for skilled shooting the rapids.

Perhaps if a cure has been found for this personal hydrophobia
I'll turn out next year to get some shots of the Fiftieth Anniversary?


Kyle Tunney said...

Hi Marie,
I hope your keeping well. Thanks for the mention! It would be great to see you out at the 50th next year, it's going to be a huge race.

As a kayaker myself I have to say the rain is brilliant, without it the rivers are low, rocky, scrappy and mostly unrunnable. No fun for us paddlers! If your bored some day you should head up to sluice, theirs usually paddlers there every weekend. I have a map up here.

Regarding photographing water/rivers/waterfalls I can't recommend a ND Grad filter and also a polarized filter. They do wonders for the water and help in taking long exposures. If you want a lend of mine someday, get in touch!

I look forward to seeing your shots.


Tales from the Birch Wood. said...

It's lovely to hear from you again, Kyle.

Thank you for all the tips.

I have a polarizing filter but would certainly be interested in trying out a ND Grad filter, in time.

At the moment I've gone for cover indoors and tend to avoid wet places in Winter.

Here's wishing you every success with your photography and kayaking.

Perhaps you have seen the film "Into the Wild" where the journey down through the Colorado River was heart-stopping.

I'll make a new blog post with a link to some information.

Kyle Tunney said...

I have indeed seen the film. I watched it a good few months ago and actually watched it the next night too. Amazing movie!

I hope your keeping well and all the best with the photography!

Tales from the Birch Wood. said...

Thank you for enquiring, Kyle.

All is well here and we have taken to photographing landscapes and flowers as often as possible.
The Botanic Gardens offer warm glasshouses out of the wind at this time of year.

Also, a new lens on the Nikon D40 has added zest to our activities.

I've started posting to again as there are quite a few helpful experts there and the atmosphere is calm again.

Here's looking forward to seeing more of your work.