Friday, November 12, 2010

Colour and RGB

Professionals know to look for websafe colours when they are making a site. I tend to continue, haphazard, to job along happily without worrying about how a fine blue may show up as lurid purple elsewhere.

Merttol have some good tips on the subject.

I probably should calibrate my monitor... but that, unfortunately, would just be more work...



David T. Macknet said...

Beautiful site. Of course, my monitor isn't calibrated, either. :)

GGFB said...

great post

Tales from the Birch Wood. said...

Thank you both.

Have a great weekend.

PhotoChaser said...

I haven't taken the step of calibrating my monitor yet, but I have noticed the importance of working on a monitor that produces colors accurately.

I am on break from school right now, and I am working on my photography on a different monitor than I usually do. This one is very inexpensive and even after trying to change the settings of it, colors appear slightly washed out, and blacks not as deep.

Just check that your pictures look about the same on other monitors to make sure that yours isn't affecting your final product too drastically.

Tales from the Birch Wood. said...

Thank you for the tip of trying different monitors to be sure that colours are the best they can be.

Blues and purples can be very variable and what looks like a smart cornflower blue on one monitor comes out as murky, dull mauve on another.

Thank you for your comment.