Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Harry's Filters

I've just uploaded some photos that explain how to use Irfanview to desaturate images with a bit more control and subtlety than hitting the "desaturate" button.

Harry's Filters can be downloaded from the Irfanview site and are easy to use, once one gets the hang of how to access them. There is a cheerful "play" function, where the system moves of its own accord and if you see an effect you like you just hit the "stop" button.

It's worth noting that freeware programs are very good for amateur use and do not fill hard drives with vast amounts of filters that may or may not be of use.

The photos in question may be viewed by hitting the title bar.

Spring has hit Dublin and computing is way down the list of activities from now on.

Many thanks to all who continue to visit and post friendly comments here.


David T. Macknet said...

Hmm. I'm willing to admit that I do need to learn to use more software ... but I'm also willing to admit that I'm not using my camera to its full potential, so am reluctant to start tinkering with software quite yet, lest it distract me from developing the skill of actually taking the photograph.

The one time I've regretted that ambition was just last week, when I wanted to be able to "straighten" some stained-glass windows which were takin facing upwards. I tinkered, and tinkered, and finally gave it up as a bad idea.

Tales from the Birch Wood. said...

I agree that the ideal is to make excellent photos straight out of the camera.

Straightening can become very obsessive, so I avoid it.

However, sometimes a "faux vintage" look can make a photo more interesting as too many colours tend to overwhelm the viewer...
or at least that's my excuse for playing round with toning and desaturation.

There is one useful feature in Irfanview that gives the illusion of making a photo seem straighter than it is:

Custom Fine Rotation

It's useful for placing a photo at any angle you like on a coloured background and the background can be chosen from the palette.
Hours of innocent fun...