Saturday, March 3, 2012

Photo Editors

There is so much to learn.

For some time I have been getting good use from Harry's Filters in Irfanview. The burn tool can be very strong, so it is worth looking into the Darken feature, using BW Limiter Pro. It enhances textures in bark and stone.

The dramatic toning in this Sunflower was made with the Canon software that came with my Digital Rebel. Learning to use levels and to gently tweak the colour lines in a photo can help pastiche makers a lot.



David T. Macknet said...

Yep - the Canon software is quite good, I think, 'though it tends to crash for me if I'm using it to edit too many pictures at once (my old computer is the problem, I'm certain).

Rachael said...

I like it well done :)

Art Fist said...

There’s some really nice work on here, would be great to feature some of this as part of our artists’ showcase on - check out the site, if it’s something you are interested in, email:


emmylou1602 said...

I love the detail in this photo :)

roland theys said...

Very good!

Gigi Frost said...

Beautiful sunflower! So dramatic.

g-colelli said...

Lovely photo!
I've used the Canon software once, but I find the ACDSee software from my old Pentax more easy, so I keep using it! :)
Nice work anyway!

P V Ariel said...

Very nice shot
Thanks for sharing
Best Regards