Monday, September 10, 2007

The Camera... and some Filter Tricks

My camera is a Pentax MZ 50.
I use film and with this 35mm
SLR clear, uncomplicated photos
are easy to set up and take.

I admit to feeling that the
hyper realism that digital technology
has brought was a bit of a shock at first.
However, adopting the attitude that,
if you can't bear 'em, join 'em,
I have spent a considerable amount
of time trying to get to grips with
some reliable freeware Photo Editors.
It was recommended that I try Photoshop,
but since I believe in speed and work as
an amateur in between bouts of gardening
and domestic activities,
Irfanview has become a fast favourtite.

The photo here was doctored and warmified
in Picasa. This Editing Program is
invaluable for quick cropping.

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