Monday, March 23, 2009

Of Clouds, Mountains and Super Saturation...

I have noticed a trend on my Flick account.

Whenever I increase the saturation on photos,
they get more favourable comments than those
presented Straight Out of Camera (SOOC).

This says a lot about contemporary tastes.

Is Hyper-Realism the way forward?


DaviMack said...

Almost all of my photos are saturated to 140% - it's just the way that I prefer them. I think that it reflects the desire to see things in this media (online, that is). Whether it is the same in print ... well, the eye can't tell when something's saturated to 140%, so people prefer it, not knowing why.

It's sad, really.

Granny J said...

In the G.O.D. (Good Olde Days), that's why Kodachrome way outsold Ektachrome. I almost always zap the contrast up before posting. Upping the saturation sounds like a good idea, too...

Tales from the Birch Wood. said...

There have been some good discussion on on the subject of aesthetics recently. The use of high contrast and super saturation is much discussed on the Net and helps photographers choose styles that are appealing.

This group is useful:

the High Contrast and/or saturation group icon
High Contrast and/or saturation