Saturday, March 28, 2009

Photography Sites on the Net

Although I am largely self taught in the fine art of
photography, I would not have got anywhere without all the
help that is freely available on the Internet.

Photographers, a gregarious bunch, tend to rescue one another from
the worst excesses of over exposure, murky colours and excessive grain.

When I joined P45 Rant years ago, the photos I uploaded were a pale shadow of their
possible selves. I will remain grateful forever to all the experts there who took time,
often with robust invective, to keep my work presentable.

The old guard there seems to have changed as posters spread out over the Globe.
As a result I now hang out at and have discovered many Irish photographers
who document our often moody landscape in very individual ways.

Given that Spring has hit our green isle with a wild and intense colour palette,
the next two months will see us wandering in gardens and groves, documenting
tulips, daffodils and the many flowering trees that make Dublin such a very
beautiful city.

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