Saturday, October 11, 2008



Customs and Liberty Under a Threatening Sky


DaviMack said...

I'd love to get a close-up of some of that moss or slime-mold or whatever it is that's so colourful on this statue.

I'd also like to know what hand gesture the artist was going for. :)

Tales from the Birch Wood. said...

Everything in Ireland seems to get covered with lichen or mould or moss, thanks to all the damp weather.
May as well go with it...

I had a moment's reflection on how to capture the statue's pose as, for some cultures, her gesture may not be quite ladylike.

However I think she is somehow indicating that she is painting a scene in her mind.

It is one of my favourite sculptures in Dublin and one I return to often as it changes in different lighting situations.

When we visited Emo Court recently the statues seemed less elegant, though that is probably my imagination, as they seem to be from the same historical period.