Tuesday, October 7, 2008

With a Song in My Heart

Ever so often I meet someone who thinks that blogging is a
complete hoot.
"So you have a blog?"
Their eyes twinkle with mischief.
"What's it about?"

... I moved this post to PhotographeDublin and Moderntwist2
as it was posted by mistake here.

In ways, the confusion has made me sit and think
about how to proceed for the next two months.

There are so many photography blogs offering tips
and advice that it is difficult to stand out from
the crowd.

Adding links to other blogs might help?

With the weather taking a serious turn for
the worse in Dublin, photos of warm interiors
and gentle still life subjects might cheer
us all up?

For the time being, I've posted a link to
a Flickr api site in the tool bar here.

Api time for all...

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