Friday, October 3, 2008

Is Grain Good?

Urban Tree

When using film I often throw my hat at
any effort to control grain.

Set out on a sunny day with an ISO 100 film,
the Celtic Sky suddenly darkens and photos are
returned moody and full of grain.

Set up a good shot, full of cloud and drama,
having chosen ISO 400, and the sun blazes through
brightening and causing crazed effects.

Buying a second film camera is one solution?

No wonder people in Northern climes are so moody...


DaviMack said...

All I'll shoot is 100 or less, these days, with sometimes 60 slide film, if I can get it. The problem is that I end up needing a tripod, but that's OK - I'll use the digital for things that may or may not come out, and just carry a tripod if I want to shoot film. That way there's no grain issues, and I'm not shooting something spectacular with high-iso film.

Tales from the Birch Wood. said...

Thank you for sharing this very helpful information.

I have started reading my photo magazines again and there is a lot of theoretical and aesthetic material available on grain.

It reminds me, happily, of the
1960's, a great time for photography.