Thursday, November 27, 2008

How Not to Get in a Lather About Where to Take Photos

Most of the time photographers work away quietly and happily,
making images that document and entertain, that live to tell tales
of the immediacy of real lives.

Most work is workaday. Over a million images are uploaded daily to Flickr alone
without much of a to-do and without sending the Planet into a faster spin.

However, when it comes to practising as a professional
it is worth picking one's way through all the finer details,
in order to minimize stress, as well as to protect one's work,
which should express the freedom of spirit that
this wonderful medium expresses.

I am an amateur photographer.

I tend to play things safe.

Reading the threads on recently
it might be worth thinking about taking a few more
risks and getting out and about a bit more.

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