Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Ireland Is Not Britain, You Know...

Different laws apply depending on where you happen
to be within the British Isles.

Visitors from abroad might like to look at the very clear
advice for data protection and still photography in the UK
(found in the title bar link here).

It's worth finding out if buildings, in particular,
may be photographed. Some are protected.

After a tiring day of looking at all the legalities,
I'm off for a hearty stew.

Shan't have the energy to take photos, unfortunately.

Have a restful evening...

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DaviMack said...

Yes, indeed. The "special purposes" provision certainly gives photographers (in the UK) a lot of leeway, when it comes to taking pictures. As far as restrictions on taking pictures of buildings, I do know that police have enforced peoples' rights to do so. As to taking pictures inside of buildings ... that's another case, and one which I haven't tested out too terribly well.

I do tend to shoot, though, with my camera not before my eye, but dangling down at my front, and I'll use my secondary shutter release button (on the bottom, on the battery-pack grip), so that it doesn't look like I'm taking pictures. It's just much easier that way, and I don't have to deal with anybody giving me grief.