Saturday, January 31, 2009

Canon Makes Photographic History

My Digital Rebel is a lively little camera for portrait work.
While I'm snap-happy when it comes to photographing people,
the ability to capture a passing mood or a clear trait of character
is a quality a good camera must have.

I have nice photos of family members taken with the cameras
I owned in the 'seventies. They are quaint in the extreme
and capture little of the detail that is now possible with
new technologies. While I like them as a record of events
long past, they are simply not particularly good.

And just in case anybody wants to offer the reassurance
that you can take just as good photos with a point and shoot
as with a digital slr and that everything is in the soul
of the photographer, I'm afraid that this has not been
my experience.

The camera maketh the woman.

And coming back to why I started this post in the first place,
digital has seemingly come of age.

History has just been made as the Canon EOS 5D MkII
has been used by Pete Souza to photograph President Obama.

It is the first time a digital camera has been used
for such important work.

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