Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I'm Not a Live-Linker

Last year we sponsored the Best Designed Blog category
at the Irish Blog Awards.

The event co-incided with one of the steepest learning curves
I have ever been on... and that includes months of Fartlek
training for the Inter-Varsity cross-country and track and field
in my wild and very speedy youth.

In fact, the live-linking I managed with a href coding
took weeks, so I hope I will be forgiven if I congratulate
the Photo-Bloggers nominated for the
Irish Blog Awards 2009
in a flat, two-dimensional way.

Their blogs are a credit to an exceptional
year's work and this year's Photo Blog
sponsor is

Annie Rhiannon:
My Left Ventricle:
Casa Casey Courtney:
Paudie’s Photoblog:

Rockin Socks:
Donncha O’Caoimh:
This Irish Photograph:
North Atlantic Skyline:
Darren Greene:

Kyle Tunney:
Lili Forberg:
Iced Coffee Photoblog:
Photographe à Dublin:
Barry Delaney Blog:
Kevoto - I Only Come Here Cos It’s Free: : A Photoblog:
Photos And Ponderings:
Mcawilliams Photoblog:
Despod’s Photo And Comment Blog.:
Imprints Of Light:

Off Her Rocker:
Colette Mcnamara Photography:
Lickable Wallpaper:
Irish Street Art:
Keeper Of The Keys:
Red Mum: - Ross Costigan Photography: - Rain Only Makes It Nicer:
Daisy The Curly Cat:
My Own Little Empire:
Gingerpixel Photography:

Newborn: :
Dee Organ:

And for anybody who truly insists on knowing what
Fartlek is, just hit the Title Bar here...


Marcus Mac Innes said...

...actually we (Pixie) sponsored the Best Photoblog category last year too and I believe Pixenate sponsored it the year before that :)

Did you sponsor a different category perhaps?

Tales from the Birch Wood. said...

All corrected.

Glad to make your acquaintance and
thank you for alerting me to the mistake.

I've recently joined Pixie and like the template and layout very much.

Best regards.

Marcus Mac Innes said...

Thanks! Perhaps I'll see you at the awards in Feb?

Tales from the Birch Wood. said...

Unfortunately not, as I will be travelling in Australia and Tasmania, trying to broaden my photgraphic horizons.

Last year's event was really enjoyable and there's a thread on Techfocus the Lounge at the moment entitled "Deadline" (The Pub section)with some links.

Here's looking forward to meeting at some blogger's event in the future. Blogging has become a remarkable social networking tool and there was a nice programme on TG4 last night which brought blogs into the mainstream at last.