Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Very Own (Comfort) Zone System

My personality is very different from many I meet on the net.
I never fight for my rights.
I simply do not go anywhere that seems to offer discomfort
and a need for long-winded explanations.

That is why a nice long break from chat-rooms is
now in order. One of my favourite photographers has
just joined Flick so there's no need to follow his
activities in every sphere.

The invitation to stop photographing in our local mall
has had a saluatary effect. In search of safe havens in
cities I plan to visit in the future, a quick search has
revealed which are the ones to avoid.

There are so many misunderstandings now possible if one
produces a camera in a public space that I think I will be very
careful from now on to choose my sphere of activity wisely.

Bill Doyle once gave me plenty of tips on how to take photos
that are true winners. If he were taking his award-winning
shots today he would probably be arrested, not praised as one
of the most innovative and observant photographers of his age.

I never wrote up the interview he was so generous to give me years ago.

Perhaps in time it will be worth rembering on this blog.

"Photography is light", he said.

That seemed to be enough to be getting on with...

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